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Vasil Abadzhiev.ISOLATED

Vasil Abadzhiev.ISOLATED

Photography and video installation
05 November 2019 - 08 December 2019, Sofia City Art Gallery, 1 Gen. Gurko Str.

In the modern industrial world where social contacts are becoming more and more superficial, and technology has become a substitute for communication, the individual is sinking deeper and deeper into the vacuum of self-isolation.

The Isolated exhibition explores the issues of alienation and loneliness in modern society through the means of expression of photography. Compositions with characters shrouded in darkness and restlessness; portraits with faces broken down into layers of their own projections – the photographer, Vasil Abadzhiev, builds his images relying on the dramatic effect of the contrast between black and white to convey the impression of isolation, helplessness and fear of the future.

Looming against this background of anxiety and loneliness is the message of the exhibition about the need for greater closeness and compassion in the modern world.

The exhibition features 30 large-format monochrome photographs and two video installations.


Vasil Abadzhiev was born in 1966 in the city of Sliven.

He majored in Painting at the National Academy of Arts, Sofia.

He has had several solo exhibitions in Bulgaria, and he has also participated in multiple collective exhibitions in Bulgaria, Germany, Romania, etc.