Vasil Terziev: The budget is not a political act, it is a tool for implementing good ideas

The new budget of Sofia is over BGN 2.6 billion.

"There can be no party affiliation in improving the quality of life in Sofia. People don't care who is in opposition and who is ruling. It is important to solve the problems of the people of Sofia. Budget 2024 focuses on exactly these issues. There is no ideology in city politics – you either work to solve people's problems or you are against them. The budget is not a political act, it is a tool for implementing good ideas." Those were the words of Sofia’s mayor Vasil Terziev during the discussion for the Budget of the Capital.

"Sofia has a budget and we are all extremely happy that 45 municipal councilors voted "for" Sofia," the capital's mayor also told journalists. 

Terziev thanked the municipal councilors for voting "for" Sofia. The mayor explained that they will work collectively to show the people of Sofia that they can do good for this city. "Despite the discussions and escalations we have, this is one step, which showed a responsible attitude in the Municipal Council", Terziev also stated.

"We will work ambitiously on the revenue part to find more opportunities for financing some of the projects that are on the reserve list. The budget available to Sofia, after the accepted proposals for changes, is over BGN 2.6 billion. It is a record, but our ambition does not end there", continued Terziev. According to him, Sofia will continue to look for new sources of income. so that the city can finish more projects.

The priorities of Budget 2024
No increase in taxes, but increase in collections.
Record budget for transport and transport infrastructure.
Real civic budgets by region - Sofia residents will decide for themselves what to invest BGN 5.3 million in.
Increased budget for culture and sports activities. We plan to build sports halls. We included 50% more funds for the Culture Program. We also increased the budget for the preservation of the city's cultural heritage.
Emphasis is on digital transformation for efficient administration and fast services for citizens.

Sofia is launching a Capital Program worth BGN 611,945,670 and adding another BGN 100 million from the state budget to it. Important infrastructure facilities are included and they will improve conditions in all areas of Sofia.

Sofia is building over 40 kindergartens and 2 new multi-storey car parks. We also increased the funds for the design of new projects important to the city. We provide 10% more for a greener Sofia.

We are betting on an increase in salaries in the administration, in transport, in culture, in health care.

The mayor of Sofia added that "despite the differences in the groups, there are also many good ideas from all the parties. We think that there are funds for the adjustments made in the budget and they are quite reasonable proposals.". According to Terziev, "the best way to control expenses is when everything is public”. He explained that the municipality's expenses are published every month, and the revenues will be published quarterly, so that the citizens of Sofia know where their money is going.