Posted on: 02.04.2017

As users of the Official Web Portal of Sofia, you can browse its pages without filling out registration forms and entering personal data.
If you wish to use the specialized modules and services you need to enter the data required in order the procedure you are requesting to be performed. The information submitted shall not be reused for purposes that are incompatible with those specifically requested, except when you have been informed to register for multiple services available through the portal (unified user profile).

Sofia Municipality is a personal data controller (registered with ID number 52258). Personal data necessary for a specific service to users is collected, processed and stored within the legally prescribed time frame. Transmission of sensitive information (including personal data) via unprotected channels is not allowed during data processing.
The collection and processing of personal data for other purposes shall be carried out only with the explicit consent of the persons providing it and in compliance with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act.

The main objective of the portal is to provide effective service to its users with secured personal data protection. We maintain administrative, software and technical measures and resources to protect data against unauthorized access and disclosure, against accidental or unauthorized destruction and alteration, and against abuse (such measures are not be made public).
Sofia Municipality does not provide information on the users to third parties, except in cases explicitly regulated by a legal provision.

WARNING: To facilitate the service for the users, we publish links to sites that are not supported by Sofia Municipality. We emphasize that we have no control over them and we are not responsible for the information you provide to these sites.

Sofia Municipality changes the procedures and means of personal data protection in accordance with the amendments to the legal regulations and development of information security technologies. The current state of protection is published on this portal together with the date of the update.
We encourage our users to periodically review this statement to keep up with the level of personal data protection.