Vasil Terziev inaugurated the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup in Sofia

"For me, sport has always been important and will continue to be important, because in addition to being useful purely physically, it also gives you valuable lessons. And as mayor, I will do everything in my power so that Sofia can become a truly sports city .One of the most important lessons of sports is that hard work and zeal translate into good results. In rhythmic gymnastics, this is combined with grace and elegance that turn sport into art", Vasil Terziev said at the opening of the event. 

He thanked the president of the Bulgarian federation Iliana Raeva, as well as all the organizers for their efforts what will make Sofia the center of world rhythmic gymnastics for the next three days.

Official guests were also Morinari Watanabe, president of FIG, Georgi Glushkov, Bulgarian minister of youth and sports, Iliana Raeva, president of BFHG and Krasimir Dunev, president of BF Gymnastics.

This year's opening ceremony was dedicated to UNICEF. At the beginning of April, UNICEF and BFHG signed a memorandum for a two-year partnership and joint initiatives, supporting the prosperity, health and dignified life for children in Bulgaria and all over the world.