Two more babies were born thanks to the in-vitro programme of Sofia Municipality

Two twin girls were born thanks to the donor in-vitro programme of Sofia Municipality. The babies gave a cry in the Municipal Obstetrics and Gynaecological Hospital "Sheinovo" on January 18 and feel very well. One of the girls has measures of 2,540 kg and 49 cm and the other - 2,500 kg and 48 cm, said the director of the hospital Dr. Rumen Velev. The parents did not enjoy the right to choose a team, and the method of delivery was Caesarean section.

The family underwent several IVF attempts in recent years, but fortune smiled upon them after they joined the municipal donor in-vitro programme for financial support to women with reproductive problems.

The total number of children born as a result of the municipal initiative is nine, of which five boys and four girls.

The donor in-vitro program of Sofia Municipality was launched in the second half of 2015. It was designed in partnership with the organizations “Mothers for Donation” and “I Want a Baby”. Every year BGN 70 000 from the municipal budget are allocated for in-vitro procedures. A report on the financing of the program with the same amount for this year has already been submitted to the Sofia Municipal Council and will be discussed at its session on January 25.

Not all couples participating in the programme report whether the procedures are successful, so there is not always feedback on individual cases.