Traffic Organization in connection with the official visit of President of the Swiss Confederation on 11.02.2017.

Stopping and parking of vehicles other than those carrying members of the delegation is prohibited as follows:

  • in the parking lot of Sofia Hotel Balkan from 08.00 am until the departure of the delegation on 02.11.2017;
  • in the northwest arc of "St. Alexander Nevski" between "Oborishte" Str. and "11-ti Avgust" Str., behind the Saint Sofia Church from 08.00 am until the end of the event on 02.11.2017;
  • vehicles are prohibited from entering “Oborishte” Street between "G. S. Rakovski" Str. and "11-ti Avgust" Str. from 10.00 am until the end of the event on 02.11.2017, except in case of necessity and at the discretion of the Capital Directorate of Interior.