Toucan hatched for the first time in Sofia Zoo

For the first time in the Sofia Zoo and in general - in Bulgaria, hatched an egg of the pair of rare toucan birds. The little one has already left the nest and made first attempts to fly. Visitors to the Zoo can see the little toucan in the Pheasantry, in the Birds sector. The bird is the smallest representative of toucans from the green aracari species.

This summer, the little toucan is another baby at the Sofia Zoo. The Zoo collection was filled up with two chicks of the rare Egyptian vultures, four meerkat pups, Eland antelope and a baby lemur.

At present, large-scale renovation and expansion of the sector of the Apes is carried out in Sofia Zoo. It envisages setting up of 13 new exhibition areas, which will be located in an area of five to ten times larger than that of the enclosures existing so far. The new outdoor spaces will be richly planted, while preserving as much as possible the existing tree and shrub vegetation. Appropriate additional landscaping and arrangements are planned - climbing facilities, wooden playgrounds, ropes and natural rock massifs, which will provide an environment that is as close as possible to their natural habitats.

In 2018, Sofia Zoo marks its 130th anniversary.