Theo Ushev Presented in Sofia his Unique Artwork called As a Dark Mirror

"With his project As a Dark Mirror, Theo Ushev makes us visible to the world," said the Mayor of Sofia Yordanka Fandakova at the opening of the unique artwork of Theo Ushev. She thanked the artist for having accepted the challenge of making his first art installation in Sofia and thus his latest artwork starts from the Sofia City Art Gallery. "I am honoured that with the support of the Municipal Programme Culture in partnership with the Sofia City Art Gallery and the National Film Board of Canada, we have the opportunity to see the creative innovative installation, which is an independent project of the artist beyond the art of filmmaking," also said Fandakova. The mayor of Sofia thanked also the Moments Foundation and Kids House for their cooperation in the project implementation.

The creative project interweaves over 10 thousand drawings on rescue thermal blankets, video art and mixed reality. "I wanted to create something that will roll out from Bulgaria," the world famous artist told his audience and the media. "The installation has a message and is made as a temple. The viewer has to find the hidden message and think about meaning and salvation as a personal and public act," said the author.

The Chair of the Committee of Culture, Education, Science and Cultural Diversity at the Sofia Municipal Council, Malina Edreva, attended the opening of the exhibition. Malina Edreva shared that during the creative process she had come to the gallery to see and experience the creation of the art installation.  

The exhibition can be seen in this form until March 11 only here in Sofia. "I want it to stay only for a certain moment. It captures the moment and encapsulates it," said Theo Ushev. From here, the project will travel to France and Canada.