The sights of ancient Serdika are becoming a part of the recreations and activities of the children

On September 17th the space with cultural-historical heritage of ancient Serdika beneath Maria Louiza boulevard was opened for regular visits. A part of the museum of antiquities is a workshop for children and students in which they can go back to ancient times through activities involving pottery and mosaics, and will be able to “see” Roman soldiers.

Remains of six Roman streets, two Early Christian basilicas, thermae and five buildings with housing and manufacture-trading functions are exhibited on 6000 square metres.

Yordanka Fandakova, Mayor of Sofia Municipality, visited today the functioning children’s workshop, in which children of Sofia’s schools were making ceramic figurines.

The remains of the earliest Christian temple – the bishop’s basilica of Protogenes, in which the Serdika convocation probably took place in 343, as well as the residence of archbishop Leonteus from the end of 6 c. are of great importance to the history of the city.

Most buildings have their own heating system and sanitary rooms.

They are notable for the interior decoration. An original emphasis of the complex is the Felix mosaic, preserved entirely in one of the buildings.

The Ancient Serdika lay-out is one of the chain-offices of the Regional History Museum – Sofia.

The archaeological research was carried out in relation to the construction of the second line of the subway.

The Information-educational children’s centre was equipped with a donation from Sylvie Vartan and with the assistance of society “Mos Maiorum Ulpiae Sedicae”.