The fourth largest in the world IT development centre of Coca-Cola operates in Sofia

Coca Cola’s fourth-largest IT development centre is already operating in Sofia. It is the second largest in terms of size and number of services provided, where 130 IT specialists and highly qualified professionals will be working. “I am glad that Sofia won the trust of Coca-Cola also in the field of development as two centres already operate in the city in the field of finance, human resources and IT”, said the Mayor of Sofia, Yordanka Fandakova at the opening of the new development centre of Coca-Cola in Sofia, in the presence of the US Ambassador, Mr. Eric Rubin, Minister Ivaylo Moskovski and the Deputy Minister of Economy, Lachezar Borisov.

The new centre is part of Coca Cola’s global IT infrastructure, along with development centres in the US, Mexico and Singapore.

Investments like this reinforce our confidence that Sofia is an increasingly attractive place for business and innovation. First, the development of investments and new development centres is due to the presence of well-educated and talented people living in Sofia. Highly educated people are the strong competitive advantage of Sofia. The built infrastructure is another important factor. “Our plans are to continue the expansion of the Ring Road”, said also Mayor Fandakova.  The Road Infrastructure Agency announced the public procurement procedure for another 6-kilometer for the part from "Gorublyane" district to “Tsarigradsko shosse” Blvd. It is also necessary to perform acquisition procedures.

Mayor Fandakova said also that our plans together with the Ministry of Transport are to build a metro extension to the Ring Road from where we can make contact with the Simeonovo chair lift.