Sofia Municipality Marks the Safer Internet Day

We mark February 6 as a safer Internet day. Based on surveys, almost half of the teenagers have had negative experiences on the Internet. Although the digital environment has been a part of their life since they were born, young people need to develop competences of active citizens in the diverse community on the Internet.

Sofia Municipality joins the celebration of the day with three videos made by the Sofia Development Association to help young people to:

• detect hate speech that violates human dignity;

• report dangerous forms of hate speech on the Internet;

• respond to hate speech with alternatives that give other perspectives and promote human rights and democratic culture online.
“Today, young people spend more time on the net than they ever did in the past. Therefore, there is an urgent need to help them see the positive aspects of connectivity and to support them to overcome the negative effects. Thus, the Internet and our city will be a safer and nicer place.”                            

        Yordanka Fandakova

The three videos were developed within the project Coalition of Positive Messengers to Counter Online Hate Speech, co-financed under the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme - European Commission – DG Justice. The project brings together partners from Bulgaria, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Romania, Croatia and the Czech Republic, where the lead partner is Sofia Development Association. 
You can read more about the opportunities to counter hate speech on the multilingual platform