Sofia Municipality launches a campaign to reduce food waste

20% of the waste of Sofia is food

From today, Sofia Municipality launches a campaign to reduce food waste. The campaign will aim at younger children and will cover 30 municipal kindergartens. The objective is to raise children's attention to the fact that food is a valuable resource, which we have to deal responsibly with - both while shopping and eating, but in the event of disposal of food waste. Officially, the campaign started at 26th kindergarten Kalina in Mladost 1.

"About 20% of our waste is food. On an annual basis for the past year, this is just over 600 000 tons of food waste. What we want to tell the children with this initiative is that food is a very important resource, which must be treated responsibly. We appeal to eat everything on their plates, to help with shopping planning and give ideas for cooking what is available at home. We remind children and their parents that if food is still to be discarded, it must be thrown separately from the packaging, so that the packaging can be subsequently separated and recycled in the waste treatment plant", stressed the Deputy Mayor for the Environment in Sofia Municipality, Ioana Hristova.

The superhero, carrot Mori, is the face of the campaign for the kids’ easier accessibility to the messages. He will meet and talk to them in person. Within the initiative, for 4 months, until May 2019, the super-carrot Mori will visit 30 municipal kindergartens in Sofia and will meet with more than 1 000 children.

The initiative to reduce food waste is part of the Sofia Municipality's commitment to the international project TRIFOCAL, whose patron is the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. More about the project you can find here: