Sofia and 8 other European capitals asked the EC to introduce uniform measures to reduce pollution from transport

Sofia, together with eight other European capitals - Rome, Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, Copenhagen, Vienna, Brussels and Helsinki - has sent a letter to the European institutions urging the introduction of uniform measures to reduce air pollution from transport.

In the letter, which was sent also to the EU Council and the European Commission, the city mayors note that transport is one of the sectors where greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase. In their view, this trend could stop only if concrete, unified measures are taken that will also be reflected in national legislations. The Mayors also point out that if the measures are not taken urgently, there is a risk that the commitment made with the Paris Agreement to reduce the share of carbon emissions from transport by 95% by 2050 will not be achieved.

In their letter to the European institutions, the city mayors insist on three main actions:

  • By the end of 2017, the European type-approval reform to be finalized, to be introduced mandatory car tests at European and national level, as well as strict supervision by the organizations responsible for monitoring vehicle emissions tests at national level;
  • To develop common emission limit values for carbon dioxide with a horizon to 2025 and 2030, aiming at a gradual reduction of emissions from conventional vehicles and a widespread introduction of zero emission vehicles, incl. cars;
  • To supplement the existing carbon emission related regulations for cars with mandatory targets for the sale of zero-emission vehicles, ensuring a European zero-emission market.