Overall renovation of the facade of the building of Sofia Municipality will be performed under the "Beautiful Bulgaria" Program

 The Mayor of Sofia Municipality concluded an agreement with the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy on the project proposal approved for funding for renovation of elements of the facade of the central administrative building of Sofia Municipality.

The cleaning and renovation activities on the facade will be performed under the Beautiful Bulgaria Project of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy.

The building at 33 Moskovska Street is one of a high public importance and cultural and architectural value.

Apart from strengthening the elements, it is also planned to completely clean and refresh the facade, remove the air conditioning systems on the facade with a view from Moskovska Street and Paris Street.

A call for selection of a contractor is forthcoming.

The renovation of the facade will be carried out in compliance with the newly adopted Urban Environment Ordinance, which aims to improve the appearance of urban spaces, architectural elements and buildings in the capital.