Northern Macedonia triumphs in the football tournament at Urban Zone in Sofia

The team from Northern Macedonia won the title of the mini-football tournament from Sofia Urban Zone Sport 2019 program. The team from our south-western neighbors won the final vs the squad from Slovakia by 4:
2. Blackburn's favorite team is satisfied with bronze after defeating a Romanian team with the same result in a third-place game. The English media noted the participation at the Urban sports zone in the Bulgarian capital, remainding that a Blackburn team is visiting Bulgaria for the first time since the 3: 3 draw for the UEFA Cup against CSKA 16 years ago. The article highlights the organization of Sofia as the European Capital of Sport and the importance of this multinational festival for
the development of urban sports and disciplines.

The media in Italy also covered the Urban Zone in Sofia. Most of them focus on the folk festival, performed at Knyazheska Garden last weekend.

The breathtaking show was created by the acrobatics competitors. The most applause was received by the representatives of Portugal, who arrived in Sofia with their youth national team. Led by coach Anna Cardozo, the team blasted the Knyazheska garden with their fantastic figures and stage performances. There were no less applause for the Bulgarian team from Sliven, led by coach Violeta Bineva. She brought some of the 80 children and young people she trains to Sofia. They
present themselves at the Urban Fest with two performances: "Welcome to Bulgaria!" And "Bright Future." This afternoon from 4 pm, viewers will be able to enjoy a new set of unique compositions of talented acrobats.

The performance of the taekwondoists was followed with great interest. In their first session, jumps, form and sparring were presented, with Turkish representatives among the most attractive.

In the Armwrestling, the strongest were identified with the right hand. Here are the champions: up to 80 kg Kaloyan Tumbev, over 80 kg Mitko Petrov, absolute Mariana Guguchkova, girls absolute Stephanie Petrusheva, junior absolute Iskren Zdravkov. The best in armrestling were greeted and awarded by Mila Andreeva from Sofia, the European Capital of Sport.

Karate also already has the champions. Participants included Ivana Kamenova, Teodora Tsaneva and Nikola Nikolov, who each have dozens of titles from prestigious championships and tournaments. With great attention the spectators watched the fights between representatives of
CC Tsanev from Bulgaria and CC Shtip from Northern Macedonia. At up to 70 kg cat.  champion is Macedonian Grigor Hadzhikimov, and in over 70 kg cat thet title was grabed by Bulgarian Roberto Petrov.

On Thursday afternoon, the Urban Area continues with the following
16:00 - 17:00 Acrobatics
17:00 - 18:00 Taekwon-do
17:00 - 19:00 Basketball 3x3
17:00 - 19:00 Parkour

Meantime, a Memorandum of cooperation and exchange of good practices between the two European Capitals of Sport - Sofia 2018 and Lisbon 2021 was signed in the Sofia Municipality building. On the Bulgarian side, the agreement was signed by Elen Gerdjikov - chairman of Sofia Municipal Council and president of “Sofia - European Capital of Sport Foundation”, and on Portugal by Carlos Castro - deputy mayor of Lisbon and in charge of sports in the Portuguese capital..

The International Conference on "New Urban Sports - Development, Trends and the Future" gathered great interest. In the overcrowded room, 12 presentations were shown, 8 of them by foreign speakers. The participants of the forum were proud of the presence of the legendary gymnast Yordan Yovchev, who congratulated everyone from the Urban Zone and wished success to the competitions. Four-time Olympic medalist Yovchev will also announce the start of the Street Fitness World Cup tournament on Friday, which will take place at 12am at the Knyazheska
Garden in front of Sofia University as part of Urban Zone 2019. Don’t miss it…