Mayor Yordanka Fandakova - Doctor Honoris Causa of the Medical University-Sofia

The Mayor of Sofia Municipality Yordanka Fandakova was conferred the honorary title Doctor Honoris Causa of the Medical University-Sofia. 

„This honorary title is being conferred upon the Mayor of Sofia Yordanka Fandakova for her work related to the pursuing of socially significant causes in the area of healthcare, the municipal healthcare priorities and the advancement of the urban green system” said in his address Prof. Voctor Zlatkov, Rector of the Medical University-Sofia.  

„I am confident that the scientific achievements of the academic community, the best physicians and professors, are the most precious asset of our city, one of inestimable value, and the traditions of the Medical University in healthcare and education, are important not only for Sofia, but for entire Bulgaria”, Mayor Fandakova said addressing of scientists, university professors and medical professionals.  

Fandakova thanked her team responsible for the municipality healthcare activities – Deputy Mayor Doncho Barbalov, Dr. Monica Cheus – director of the directorate, as well as the Chair of the Healthcare Commission Dr. Vesselin Milev, and the directors of municipal hospitals.

“The Medical University remained an important focus in the national policies for higher education. Sofia Municipality works in collaboration with higher education institutions, and I highly value this partnership with the scientific and higher education circles which was from the very beginning set as a leading principle of my work as mayor”, Fandakova additionally said. “The municipal hospitals join efforts with the Medical University, more specifically - the “Public health” Faculty, for carrying out practical workshops and pre-diploma internships for students.  

Healthcare is one of the most important sectors for our city. Some of the best and most competent hospitals are in Sofia, but for me maintaining the quality of public healthcare services is important”, Mayor Fandakova said.  

Addressing the audience, the mayor pointed out that each year Sofia Municipality invests in renovating and purchasing equipment for municipal hospitals, and in the overall advancement of municipal healthcare services. “Annually, through the municipal budget we allocate BGN9-10m, for co-financing healthcare services provided by municipal hospitals, but not covered by the National Health Insurance Fund”.  

Over the past few years, in order to promote prevention and prophylaxis, Sofia Municipality, together with several municipal and state-owned hospitals, organized five screening programs – for breast cancer, thyroid gland screening, lung and prostate screening, and as of this year – for myoma. “I would like to extend my gratitude to all physicians and medical specialists who got involved and are ongoingly contributing to the successful implementation in these programs”, the mayor also said.  

Sofia Municipality also runs a program for financial assistance for families in need of donor egg in-vitro procedures. So far, funds under the program assisted the fertilization and birth of 9 babies altogether – 5 boys and 4 girls.