Mayor Yordanka Fandakova checked the reconstruction of “Christopher Columbus” Blvd.

“By mid-August, we intend, to finish the reconstruction of “Christopher Columbus” Boulevard. Right after that will begin construction and repair works on the Eastern Tangent. We have planned for the repairs of streets with heavy traffic to be completed by mid-September. Currently we are repairing over 30 streets and boulevards. Apart from that we are building and repairing neighbourhood streets”, said the Mayor of Sofia, Yordanka Fandakova today during her inspection of the reconstruction of “Christopher Columbus” Blvd. The deputy mayor in charge of transport, Evgeni Krusev, was also present at the inspection.

Between August 11th and 13th, “Christopher Columbus” Blvd. is planned to be closed for traffic for laying down the sheet asphalt before traffic can be allowed again. On July 8th, started the reconstruction of “Christopher Columbus” Blvd. in the section from the roundabout at “Iztochna Tangenta” Str. to “Prodan Tarakchiev” Str. New asphalt is laid on traffic drives, new lightning is installed and sidewalks are built.  

Most of the road construction and repair works are currently on track; however, some sites are running two or three days late. Work on the sites is in progress and depending on the weather conditions, the main sites are expected to be completed by September 15th.

The Eastern Tangent will be reconstructed from its junction with “Christopher Columbus” Blvd. to “511” Str. in Hristo Botev quarter.

The reconstruction of “Vasil Levski” Blvd., from “Graf Ignatiev” Str. to “Tsar Osvoboditel” Blvd. is planned to be completed by the end of the week. Then, new asphalt will be laid in the section near the monument of Vasil Levski. During the first half of August, we will have to close, for the shortest possible time, the crossing at the Sofia University Rectorate to be repaired similarly to last year’s repairs of the crossing of the Eagle Bridge.