Mayor Yordanka Fandakova checked on the repair of "Solunska" Street

All garbage containers in the areas of "Graf Ignatiev" Str. and "St. Al. Nevski" Sq. will be placed underground

All garbage containers on “Solunska” Street are placed underground. This is what we envisage for the containers in the areas of "Graf Ignatiev" Str. and "St. Alexander Nevski" Sq., the major repairs of which started this year. Today we restored the traffic on “Solunska” Str. in the section from “Vitosha” Blvd. to “Hristo Belchev” Str. Within a few days, the traffic will be restored to "Angel Kanchev" Str. This is what the Mayor of Sofia, Yordanka Fandakova said today at the inspection of “Solunska" Str. along with Deputy Mayor, Evgeni Krusev. The Mayor of Sredets district, Maria Achkova also attended the inspection.

“The repair of "Graf Ignatiev" Str. and the surrounding area is one of the largest and most difficult construction sites for this summer, which causes serious inconveniences and I am grateful for the citizens’ patience. Our goal is to renovate completely this symbolic part of the city, which was badly in need of major renovation”, said also the Mayor of Sofia, Fandakova. Currently, the overall completion of the repairs of “Graf Ignatiev” Str. is about 20% where a large part of the underground communications is completed.

Serious sanctions are stipulated in the contract with regard to the quality of the construction and repair works, pointed out Mayor Fandakova. A proper performance guarantee amounting to BGN 600 thousand has been retained until the completion of the repair of the area around “Graf Ignatiev” Str. Upon non-observance of the deadline for completion of the project, the penalty is BGN 240 thousand for each day of delay. A sanction of BGN 1.2 million will be imposed in the event of poor quality. “The money of Sofia citizens will not be paid for a job of poor quality”, also pointed Yordanka Fandakova.