Mayor of Sofia Yordanka Fandakova met with Mayor of Vienna Michael Ludwig

Experts from Vienna consult Sofia in the construction of the plant for the generation of heat and electricity from RDF fuel

The Mayor of Vienna, Michael Ludwig expressed willingness to continue to cooperate with Sofia with expert assistance in the field of waste management. This was agreed today at a meeting of the mayors of Sofia, Yordanka Fandakova and of the Austrian capital, Mr. Ludwig.

In the area of waste management, where experts from Vienna Energy are consulting Sofia, the experience of the Austrian capital is very important and up-to-date, said Mayor Fandakova.

The co-operation between Sofia and Vienna in this area began with the previous Mayor of Vienna, Mr. Michael Häupl.

Thanks to European solidarity, in Sofia were built modern waste separation for recycling and waste treatment plants. Resources such as electricity and compost are produced of waste. The development of the last stage of the construction of a plant for the generation of heat and electricity from RDF fuel, obtained from the waste plant in Sofia is going to the final.  

The experience and expertise of Vienna, which is the best city to live in the world, is very useful and important for us in developing effective models for changing and developing the city, said Mayor Fandakova.

The topics you are interested in are written also in our work program, said the Mayor of Vienna, Mr. Ludwig. In his words, now Vienna is expanding its subway network and developing public transport, and issues related to ecology, climate change and smart cities are very important.

Sofia will continue its cooperation with Vienna in priority areas that change and develop the city. In recent years, the two capitals have established co-operation in the fields of transport, transport infrastructure, ecology, waste management, climate change and culture. Cooperation in the field of economy and business is also developing.

Experts from the municipality of Vienna have helped and continued to consult Sofia Municipality in various fields. Over the years, active contacts have been developed in the field of transport, the sharing of know-how in the field of parking, which in Sofia was developed based on the experience of the Austrian capital. Sofia develops and expands its public transport system based on the experience of the Vienna municipality. Fandakova pointed out that the construction of the Sofia subway continues, and for the last 10 years we have built about 30 km of new lines and we are currently building a new third subway line. Sofia subway is built with European and local funding. In Sofia, 90% of the trolleybus fleet and over 50% of the bus fleet are renewed; the implementation of the program for the purchase of new buses continues and the first electric buses have already been delivered; 13 new trams are pending delivery.

His Excellency Dr. Ivan Sirakov, Ambassador of Bulgaria to Austria, Nikolay Stoynev, Deputy Chair of the Sofia Municipal Council, Vladimir Danailov, Chief Executive Officer of Sofia Municipal Investment Agency attended the meeting, which took place in the Vienna City Hall.