Mayor Fandakova: This year we are investing over BGN 18 m in building and repairs of kindergartens and schools

285 children go to the extended kindergarten No. 160 in the Dragalevsi Residential Area. This is the third new building in the Vitosha District – earlier this year we opened a new building in the Boyana Residential District and commenced the building of two more. The result of these efforts is 5 new buildings in 5 years in this district. This year in Sofia, we managed to complete  5 new buildings of kindergartens and we are just about to open the last one – in the Krasno Selo district. For 2019 we are planning to build 10 more new buildings. Our goal is to make sure that within 2 years every child over the age of 3 will have a place in a kindergarten, near its home. These were the remarks, made by the Sofia Mayor Mrs. Yordanka Fandakova at the new kindergarten No. 160 in the Dragalevtsi Residential Area, in the presence of Deputy Mayor Ms. Irina Savina, the mayor of the district – Mr. Teodor Petkov, the director of the Regional Education Inspectorate – Ms. Vanya Kastreva, the chairperson of the Bulgarian Teachers’ Trade Union – Ms. Yanka Takeva.

This year we are investing over BGN 18 m in building and repairs of kindergartens and schools, continued Mayor Fandakova. Two more new kindergartens will be constructed in the Vitosha District – one in Pavlovo and one in Knyzhevo Residential Areas.

In the Dragalevtsi Residential Area, the new kindergarten has two kindergarten (ages 3-6) and two creche (ages 1-2) groups. All the energy efficiency measures have been implemented and accessible environment is ensured. The yard accommodates 4 playgrounds with proper landscaping and greenery areas.

The construction and reconstruction of 10 new kindergartens started earlier this year in various districts in Sofia: Lozenets, Triaditsa, Vitosha, Iskar, Novi Iskar, Poduyane, Krasno Selo, Ilinden, Studentski.

Photos: Geo Kalev