Mayor Fandakova inspected the refurbishment the Asen Yordanov Blvd and Iskarsko Shose St


We are carrying out major refurbishment of 3 km of the Asen Yordanov Blvd and Iskarsko Shose St.

Apart from refurbishing the roadway, we are also reconstructing the sidewalks, street lighting, new waste container laybys and cycling lane. I discussed with Iskar District’s mayor – Ivalylo Tsekov – the pending design of Dimitar Peshev St and we agreed to refurbish that street next year, as well.

The rehabilitation of the Asen Yordanov Blvd, from the Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov Blvd to Christopher Columbus Blvd, and of the Iskarsko Shose St from the Christopher Columbus to Dimitar Peshev St started in June.

I have requested that the contractor uses more teams and extended working hours on this project. While the works were under way, certain issues with the sewerage system emerged and we contacted Sofiyska Voda, so that they joined the project, as necessary. The contractors were able to make up for this delay.

The street traffic will be restored in stages, starting in October, and in the beginning of November the works will be completely finished, added Mrs. Fandakova. She apologized to the citizens for the inconveniences and thanked them for the understanding.

The inspection was also attended by the Deputy Mayor in charge of Transport – Doncho Barbalov and Iskar District’s Mayor Ivaylo Tsekov.

Photos: Geo Kalev