London to Provide Temporary Free Offices to the Sofia Business

A draft-agreement for joint operations between the Sofia Municipal Privatisation & Investment Agency /SMPIA/ and the British Agency "London and Partners"

London will provide free of charge temporary offices to the Sofia entrepreneurs, who want to work in the British capital. This was agreed between the Executive Director of the Sofia Municipal Privatisation & Investment Agency – Mrs. Vladimir Danailov and his colleague from the British agency “London and Partners“ – Mr. Toni Margiotta. Their meeting was on the agenda of the delegation, led by the Sofia Mayor Mrs. Yordanka Fandakova in London. Immediately after the meeting, the draft agreement for joint operations was prepared and is now about to be discussed on expert level and signed.

In that document London will undertake to provide overall support to the Sofia business, by assisting in the registration of companies, in the recruiting, work contacts and presentation to the local business. “The SMPIA will provide the same specific support to the London business, wishing to invest in Sofia“, Danailov said. He, together with the Deputy Chairman of the Capital Municipal Council and the Chairman of SMPIA’s Supervisory Board – Mr. Nikolay Stoynev, presented to their “London and Partners” colleagues, the opportunities for the development of the business in Sofia. London has concluded similar agreements with other cities, such as Lisbon, Paris, Tel Aviv, Los Angeles.

The London agency will fund 50% from the municipal budget of the British capital, and the other 50% is provided by the business. The Agency employs approximately 150 people, who develop projects in the area of encouragement and attraction of foreign entrepreneurs, education and tourism.