Fandakova: We open a unit for treatment of patients with COVID-19 in the municipal First City Hospital (Parva Gradska Bolnitsa)

We are opening another unit for treatment of patients with COVID-19 at the municipal First City Hospital. The Pulmonology unit has already been retrofitted into unit for treatment of 10 patients infected with coronavirus. The Mayor of Sofia, Yordanka Fandakova, visited the hospital unit. Deputy Mayor of Sofia for finance and health, Dontcho Barbalov, also attended the inspection.

Mayor Fandakova talked with the director of the hospital, Prof. Dimitrov, with Dr. Valev, Dr. Mihalova and Dr. Vitkov, who took over the unit, about available protective suits and personal protective equipment. Currently, the logistics centre of Sofia has sufficient quantity of protective suits and masks and more are expected to be delivered, including reusable ones. They are in support of the work of municipal hospitals that open units with COVID-19 patients.

A separate entrance is provided in First City Hospital so that the hospital can continue to treat other patients. A disinfection organization is established after each ambulance and staff training was performed to care for the patients. The unit's team has already started on duty schedule.

Two more units are to be opened for COVID-19 infected patients – at Fourth City Hospital with 5 beds and Fifth City Hospital – with 10 beds plus 2 intensive care units.

The first unit for treatment of patients with coronavirus at a municipal hospital was opened at Second City Hospital. So far, 14 patients have passed through it. Thanks to Prof. Ivo Petrov and a donation by the district mayors of GERB-UDF, a high-tech telemedicine system was implemented there. Special devices placed on patients monitor their physiological indicators in real time, and data is also monitored at the City Clinic Medical Centre.