Fandakova: We expand "Vazrazhdane" Park by another 25 decares, we will build an aqua park and a mineral water pool

The conceptual design for expansion of “Vazrazhdane” Park by additional 25 decares is ready, where an aqua park and mineral water pools will be built on 6.6 decares, and the park will be expanded by 18.2 decares. All existing trees on the terrain will be preserved and over 400 deciduous and coniferous trees will be planted. This said the Mayor of Sofia, Yordanka Fandakova at the presentation of the project together with the chair of Sofia City Council, Elen Gerdjikov and the executive director of Sofiyski Imoti, Dimitar Shivachev.

The project is designed to meet the needs of children and adults and to become a family area where everyone can find their way to spend their free time.

There are 5 outdoor pools in the aqua park, where the central spot will be the children's pool with a depth of 15 cm and an area of 684 sq.m. A water-play facility with 3 slides and a number of game attractions will be situated there. Furthermore, there is also a children's pool with a depth of 60 cm, a baby pool with a depth of 20 cm, a swimming pool with a depth of 140 cm and an area of 300 sq.m. There is also a whirlpool, 90 cm deep and an area of 44 sq. m. The design includes also two water slides. There will be a fast food restaurant.

After its completion, the municipal company will manage the facility, said Mayor Fandakova.

The plan is to complete the aqua park by the end of 2019. The ex-ante assessments of the investment that will be made by the municipal company Sofiyski Imoti for the construction of the park and aqua park will be BGN 9.5 million. The Municipal Property Management provides part of the funds, and another will be financed by a loan from the Urban Development Fund at OP "Regions in Growth".