Fandakova: We are constructing three parking lots and new streets together with the subway in Ovcha Kupel district

“We are renovating more than 4 km. of President Lincoln boulevard and along with the construction of the third line we are also construction Centralna str., as well as three parking lots in Ovcha Kupel district. The overhaul of Zhitnitsa str. – with 4 lanes, sidewalks and street lights, should be completed by September 15th”, said the Mayor of Sofia Municipality Yordanka Fandakova during an on-site inspection.

Mayor Fandakova reminded that two years ago she made the personal decision to begin the construction of the 4 km. of the third line of the subway through Ovcha Kupel district even before having the funding secured. “The goal was not to stop the construction of the subway because this is a way to change the residential districts and to improve the quality of life”, also said mayor Fandakova.

In Ovcha Kupel district we are constructing 4 km. of the third line of the subway with 4 subway stations.

“In relation to the first 8 km. of the third line of the subway from Poduene, Vladimir Vazov through the city centre to Krasno Selo all construction activities will be completed by the end of October. The train trails will start immediately after that – the goal is by the end of the year to put this line in operation. By mid-2020 we must also put in operation the section through Ovcha Kupel to the Ring Road at Gorna Banya”.

Together with the third line we are constructing three new parking lots – each for them for between 200 and 240 cars. They are located on the Ring Road, in the area of subway station No.18; in the area of subway station No.17 on Centralna str.; on Montevideo boulevard, in the area of subway station No.16. Each of them will have a capacity of 200-240 cars. On the railway station adjacent to subway station No.18 in Gorna Banya residential district a connection was made with the Sofia – Pernik railway.