Fandakova: The new heating system of the Negovan school will result in a reduction of harmful emissions by around 70 tons

An entirely new physical education hall was built

176-th primary school “St. Cyril and Methodius” was one of the schools with no physical education hall of any kind. In the past years we developed a special program in order not to leave a single school without a physical education hall. Moreover, the school building was renovated and with the heating system being changed from one using naphtha to one on pellets the school principal expects to be able to save around 50% of the current heating expenses.

‘It’s very important to stress that the new heating installation which better protects the environment will result in a reduction of harmful emissions by around 70 tons per year‘, said Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova during an inspection of the newly constructed physical education hall of 176-th primary school “St. Cyril and Methodius” in the village of Negovan.

‘Negovan is one of the villages we included in the project on replacing the stoves on wood and coal for more ecological fuels free of charge for the population. I hope that more people will follow the example set by the school and will apply in order to exchange their heating installations‘, pointed out as well Mayor Fandakova.

Six new physical education halls have been built in 2019. The construction of three more is under way or will begin shortly. These include the hall of the 100th school, the completion of the swimming pool and the physical education hall of the 30th school together with the new building of the French language school, for which funds have been allocated.

In this year’s budget of Sofia, the planned investments in the construction of 13 kindergartens, 2 day nurseries, 6 school buildings and the overhaul of 25 schools and kindergartens amount to 63 million leva. In addition to that there is the program for funding from the state budget. In this regard Fandakova announced that the Municipality has applied on the government’s program for the construction of 3 new schools and 9 new kindergartens. According to her four of the kindergarten buildings are located in districts, whose mayors are not from the GERB party.