Fandakova: Silver Coins and Golden Ornaments

A late-ancient tomb with murals was found on the sidewalk of “Moskovska” Street

The archaeological surveys of the grounds on the square around the "Sveta Nedelya" church connected with the late-antique period, which for the fourth consecutive year are financed by the Sofia Municipality, are brought to an end. Nearly 3 000 silver coins were discovered that are currently kept at the Sofia History Museum and now we add golden ornaments. This announced on August 3 the Mayor of Sofia, Yordanka Fandakova at the excavations at “St Nedaya” Square. The Deputy Mayor of Sofia, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Todor Chobanov, also attended the inspection.

The team of archaeologists, under the leadership of Dr. Veselka Katsarova, worked on a territory of about 1 decare. The archaeological structures revealed to date indicate that the length of the discovered antique public building exceeds 50 m. The discovered finds are over 3 000, mainly coins, earthenware, lamps, objects, ornaments, including made of gold.

The architectural design for the square will be developed to integrate and exhibit the discovered archaeological finds, said also Mayor Fandakova. According to the mayor, everything that is revealed should be displayed and Sofia will continue to strengthen its position of a popular cultural destination.

After several public discussions, the Chief Architect of Sofia has prepared the terms of reference for the architectural competition. The competition is expected to be announced in September and we hope to get good designs that combine this space with the pedestrian areas of “Vitosha” Blvd. and the Largo and at the same time to be interesting and preserving archaeology, said Fandakova.

In recent years, Sofia Municipality has consistently invested in the discovery and preservation of the rich cultural and historical heritage of Sofia. This year continues the discovery of the Slatina Early Neolithic settlement. 

Last night, during the reconstruction of the sidewalk on “Moskovska” Str., a wonderful late-ancient tomb with murals was revealed. “I ordered the strengthening of the grounds and immediate commencement of the surveys and its revelation. The Chief Architect has the task to develop the design to exhibit it at the place where it was discovered. We will restrict the construction works in this area. The pedestrian area will be combined with the archaeological heritage.”


Photographer: Geo Kalev