Fandakova: 20 electric trolleybuses come to Sofia

A trolleybus line connects "Mladost" 1 and 2

Sofia Municipality is the first in Bulgaria to hold a public tender, and the delivery of 20 new electric trolleybuses is forthcoming. “By the end of the year, they will join the public transport system on a regular service”, said the Mayor of Sofia, Yordanka Fandakova at an international forum in Sofia for the development of electric mobility.

Mayor Fandakova pointed out that worldwide large cities are growing and our main challenges are climate change, the protection of the environment and clean air, which is one of the most important topics. In this respect, for several years, Sofia Municipality has implemented a very clear strategy for the development of Sofia as a green and innovative city and this vision is clearly reflected in the implemented projects.

One of the most significant priorities along this line is the development of urban transport and its modernization through environment-friendly vehicles, subway extension, and development of electric transport, replacement of trams, trolleybuses and buses. “Our goal is to modernize the urban transport and make it attractive and comfortable for people”, said Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova.


Sofia studies the experience of big cities. In order to study the European experience and to find the best and most suitable solution for the local conditions, a test run of three different technologies of electric buses was carried out in Sofia. The results are important in preparing the procurement procedure for the first electric buses in Sofia's public transport

We started a procedure with "Sofia Public Electrical Transport", which prepares the purchase of another 30 electric buses. This procedure should be announced within two to three months.

At the same time, we have plans for the development of tram- and trolleybus-based transport. “In spring, we will start extending the trolleybus line, which will connect "Mladost" 1 and 2”, also announced the Mayor.

A scheme for deployment of over 60 charging stations for electric vehicles has been adopted. A procedure for its implementation should be prepared.

Sofia Municipality stimulates the use of electric vehicles and hybrids through tax relief. Electric vehicles, which are about 150 in Sofia, have the opportunity to park for free in the paid hourly parking areas.

The dialogue among the institutions, the responsible business and citizens is very important in this process. “Sofia Municipality supports the innovative business”, said Mayor Yordanka Fandakova