An underground parking lot on three levels offers more than 190 parking places next to “Vassil Levski Stadium” subway station

The underground parking lot next to “Vassil Levski Stadium” subway station is expected to be completed by mid-October and it will be possible to be used by the public within the “Park and ride” system. It has 193 parking places and when they use the subway, people will park their vehicles for free. That was said today by the Mayor of Sofia Municipality Yordanka Fandakova during an inspection of the finishing work on the site.

The urban Mobility Centre has the task of completing the parking lot.

By mid-October the parking lot is expected to be available for usage within the “Park and ride” system in which parking is free if the subway is taken.

The goal of the buffer parking lots is to stimulate people to use the subway, Fandakova said.

At the moment there are five buffer parking lots connected to the subway with a total of more than 2200 places. Their average annual usage is more than 60%, the one of the Business Park Sofia reaching 100%.

The agenda of the Urban Mobility Centre includes the finishing or construction of another three parking lots with 492 places. They are located on Slivnitsa boulevard, near the Central railway station and in Nadezhda 1 residential district.

At present along with the construction of the third line of the subway three more parking lots are under construction in Ovcha Kupel district with a total capacity of around 700 places.