717 dogs from animal shelters have been adopted since the beginning of the year

“Adopt, don’t buy” is an adoption campaign of “Eco Balance” Municipal Division

From the beginning of 2019 to November 717 dogs from the animal shelters of “Eco Balance” Municipal Division have found their new homes, while in comparison during the entire 2018 the number of adopted dogs was 600. 2260 dogs have been neutered during the same period, and 286 dogs have received treatment at the “Vrabnitsa” municipal veterinary clinic. 374 dogs have been neutered within the campaign for the neutering of dogs living in private yards.

“Adopt, don’t buy” is an adoption campaign of “Eco Balance” Municipal Division and Sofia Municipality for encouragement of adoption and finding new homes for the dogs, housed at the municipal animal shelters. The campaign was first launched in 2017 and for a third consecutive year various events and activities are being organized as part of the initiative with the dogs taken from the municipal shelters to different public places. During the activities everyone can see, take for a walk, pet and if he/she wants to, adopt a dog from a shelter. Adoption can be make immediately, on the spot, with only an ID card being necessary. As part of the campaign in 2019 the dogs from the municipal animal shelters were presented on the fourth edition of Sofia Green Fashion Days and in two of Sofia’s parks – at the “Borisova garden” on June 8th and at “Zaimov” park on July 6th.

Thanks to the purposeful adoption campaigns organized by “Eco Balance” Municipal Division and Sofia Municipality, the number of dog adoptions keeps on increasing. According to a cooperation contract between Sofia Municipality and the German NGO “Shtroynerhilfe Bulgarien” of July 31st, 2019, for adoption of dogs from the municipal animal shelters, 43 dogs have been adopted in Germany.

Everyone who wants to adopt a dog may visit the municipal animal shelter in the village of Gorni Bogrov, where you can find dogs older than 1 year, and in “Slatina” district, if you want to adopt a puppy.