6200 new trees are planted in the New Forest of Sofia

In the first 3 weekends of the third season of the afforestation initiative, 6200 new trees were planted in the New Forest of Sofia near Suhodol. The trees were planted entirely by volunteers, while Sofia Municipality provided the saplings, tools and gloves for planting. With the newly planted trees, the total number of saplings in the new green belt near Sofia reached 26 200. The forestry experts from the Municipal Enterprise "Management of Municipal Lands and Forests" take subsequent care for the planting.

The new forest of Sofia near Suhodol is a project of Sofia Municipality for the transformation of municipal wasteland into a forest. Planting of the saplings relies entirely on volunteers. For maximum convenience, a temporary bus service 56A is opened within the public transport, which carries from Vardar metro station to the very entrance of the forest in Suhodol those willing to join in the afforestation. Afforestation events will be held every Saturday and Sunday between 10 and 16 hours while weather permits.

More information on the project and on how to join in the initiative could be found at www.novatagora.bg