2 500 new trees will be planted this fall in Sofia

This fall, the green system in the real urban part of Sofia will expand with
2 500 new trees.

Active afforestation activities will start in early October and will cover a significant number of streets and boulevards, including the boulevards "Bulgaria", "Vladimir Vazov", "Slivnitsa", "Rozhen" and "Botevgradsko Shosse". Part of the planned vegetation will be added to the existing landscaping of the gardens in the central part of the city: "Crystal", Doctor's, Garden, "St. Sedmochislenitsi", Knyazheska, Borisova and the City Garden. Afforestation activities are also planned in the parks Borisova Gradina, South Park, Holy Trinity Park, Hippodrome Park, Zaimov Park and Druzhba Park.

The selected tree species and forms are in accordance with the general climatic and soil conditions, as well as with the specific characteristics of the respective terrain. The deciduous species are dominated by maple, ash, oak, linden, birch and willow. The new coniferous trees will be of fir, pine, cedar, cypress and spruce species.