10 Buses for the Lines to the Vitosha Mountain are Arriving in Sofia

10 buses, intended for the lines, ensuring access to the Vitosha Mountain are arriving in Sofia. The motor vehicles are expected in the beginning of next week.

The 10 buses for the Vitosha Mountain are manufactured by Mercedes, and due to the mountain terrain, they are equipped with manual gearboxes, diesel engines and meet the EURO5 environmental standard. Apart from that, the buses are of a semi-tourist type with special luggage compartments and racks, enabling them to easily carry skis, sledges and other sports and leisure equipment. They will replace the 27-year-old busses, currently used for these lines.

In the beginning of 2019 another 60 new articulated buses, running on natural gas, will be delivered. These urban buses will be MAN Lion’s City G, like the first 126 natural gas buses we purchased several years ago. These are low-floor, low-entry busses, accessible for mothers with prams and people with disabilities, air-conditioned and meeting the highest environmental standard - EURO6.

Another 60 new single-body buses, running on natural gas and 20 electric buses have already been delivered. Currently, their charging stations are being constructed. By the end of this year, we expect further 22 single-body buses, running on natural gas. In 2019 90% of the public transport busses will be new. The objective of our modernization and upgrading programme is to ensure more comfort for the passengers and it is a part of the measures for air quality improvement.