The design of Studio Fuksas is ranked first in the architectural competition for Sveta Nedelya Square

The design of the architectural studio Fuksas of the world-renowned architect Massimiliano Fuksas was ranked first by the international jury, which evaluated the designs in the architectural competition for renovation of Sveta Nedelya Square.

‘For me personally, the most important thing is to have a design that takes into account the specifics of the site and can be implemented. Next year, a design that reflects both the jury's recommendations and a further review of the proposed materials is forthcoming. Sveta Nedelya Square is one of the most emblematic places in the heart of Sofia and part of the archaeological reserve that preserves the heritage of Ancient Serdika. Therefore, our decision was to organize an international competition for its restoration’, said by the Mayor of Sofia, Yordanka Fandakova.

Recognition of Sofia and the quality of the competition is that among the 7 participants were some of the largest and world-renowned architectural studios with experience in both designing urban spaces and preserving and socializing the archaeological heritage. With the design we have to solve two important tasks - to restore Sveta Nedelya Square as an emblematic historical site in Sofia along with the wealth of Ancient Serdika and to expand pedestrian spaces’, pointed out Fandakova.

The design of АІ Аrсhіtесtѕ LLD with participants СLАВ Аrсhіtеtturа, Yuri Sheredega, Dina Dridze and Evgeniy Shirinyan was ranked in second place. The third prize was awarded to consortium of OW/ MA/ CL with members Оnе Works, Маоffісіnа, Crасknеll. The design of Studio Paola Vigano was ranked fourth and that of Studio Wilmot was ranked fifth.

‘The winner’s design meets the criteria and the requirements of the contracting authority. Our ambition is that it will become a fact within the next 4 years. Next year, we will sign the design contract and in 2021, the start of the renovation of the square will take place’, said the chief architect of Sofia, Zdravko Zdravkov.

Video presentation of the Studio Fuksas’s design