Marina Velikova shows "Antarctic Ice" on the Bridge of Lovers

Marina Velikova shows "Antarctic Ice" on the Bridge of Lovers

The Photo exhibition "Antarctic Ice" by Marina Velikova will be opened on April 22, on Earth Day, on the Bridge of Lovers next to the National Palace of Culture in Sofia. The exhibition can be seen until May 5.
Marina Velikova is a musician and music editor in BNR and recently visited Antarctica to realize her project "Sounds of Antarctica", which will be completed at the end of this year. She is also about to present her watercolors, inspired by her stay there.

"The feeling when I saw the first iceberg even from the ship was an extreme excitement. But the deeper feeling is of the huge distance between our life here and this place over there. It seems absolutely outside the orbit of the earth. It is completely pure in its natural beauty, natural silence, far from human influence, "she told in the show "Above all".
There is no human presence in most of the photos. The feeling is of silence, because despite the natural sounds, the sound of human presence is missing, added the music editor.
"I'm not a photographer. I just show what I saw. Even before I left I read a lot".

Antarctica contains 90% of the Earth's ice and I wanted this power to be felt, and at the same time its vulnerability, Marina Velikova explained about the title of the exhibition.
The people who work on the Ice Continent fanatically take care that there are no consequences of their human presence there, she shared her impressions.

The exhibition was organized in partnership with the Bulgarian Antarctic Institute, as well as in cooperation with the Sofia City Municipal e.c.t.