"Malinova Dolina" district has its first kindergarten

86 children are already attending the first kindergarten in "Malinova Dolina" quarter - 190. Kindergarten in the "Studentski" district.


The Mayor Vasil Terziev congratulated the team of the children's institution and wished them good luck. "We will continue to work so that every child can have the opportunity to attend kindergarten and his parents can be calm", said the mayor of Sofia. Terziev wished the children to be healthy, to have unforgettable years in this kindergarten, to enjoy and play, but also to take care of it, to take care of the trees in the yard, so that the garden will be beautiful, as it is today.


The kindergarten is still without a name and parents can make suggestions, announced the mayor of the "Studentski" district, Petko Goranov. Goranov also congratulated the children and parents on the day of the opening.


Today is the first day of activities for children in four garden groups. For the rest, places have been announced for the first general classification on May 10 in the Information System: 40 free places for two nursery groups and 190 free places for the first, second and third kindergarten groups. In September, another 230 families will be able to take their children to kindergarten.


The kindergarten is one of the largest in Sofia. It can accommodate 16 groups, has spacious study rooms, sleeping rooms, 4 sports and art halls, playgrounds for each group, outdoor sports ground, swimming pool, and a spacious yard. Construction began in April 2022 and was completed in late 2023.

This year, the Metropolitan Municipality continues the construction of 17 new kindergarten buildings, and by the end of 2024 it is expected to complete the construction of 13 of them.

Photographer: Ivan Shishiev