Обратно On November 22, 2022 to January 27, 2023, the halls of the "Triangular Tower of Serdika" once again hosted the "Biennale of Illustration" exhibition

On November 22, 2022, the halls of the "Triangular Tower of Serdika" once again hosted the "Biennale of Illustration" exhibition. This time without anti-epidemic measures, but with an official opening, we had the pleasure and honor to gather friends and acquaintances, colleagues and future ones in one colorful moment. Thanks to our invaluable partnership with the Regional History Museum - Sofia, the exhibition in the "Triangular Tower of Serdika" hall will be open to visitors every day from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., from November 22 to January 27, 2023.

In the current (third) edition, guests will be able to see nearly 300 works by 115 artists created in the last two years. During the opening ceremony yesterday, the awards in the three categories were also presented, and this time there were five awardees. In the "Unrealized works" category, the prize went to Irina Jonkova, and a certificate went to Natalia Stambolova. In the "Realized works" category, Lalo Nikolov was awarded, and Elizaveta Belova received a diploma. The awards were presented by Milena Radeva and the Deputy Mayor for Culture, Education, Sports and Youth Activities, Miroslav Borsos. For his many years of work in the world of Bulgarian scientific illustration, the award for overall creativity was presented to Georgi Pchelarov – an incredible artist who is actually a biologist by education, one of the artists of the Red Book of Bulgaria,
We thank all 290 artists who, in this difficult year, submitted their works and personally brought and sent their selected works. We appreciate what you did to make the Biennale of Illustration exist, because the Biennale is you! We also want to thank this year's team headed by Milena Radeva, Hristina Grozdanova, who (we hope next year too) helped our successful partnership with the Regional History Museum – Sofia.
This year, the "Illustration Biennale" took place with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture.
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