Regional History Museum – Sofia

Sofia 1000, 1 Banski Sq.

National History Museum

Sofia 1618, 16 Vitoshko lale Str.

National Museum of Military History

Sofia 1505, 2 Cherkovna Str.

Earth and Man National Museum

Sofia 1421, 4 Cherni Vrah Blvd.

National Museum of Natural History

Sofia 1000, 1 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd.

National Archaeological Institute and Museum

Sofia 1000, 2 saborna Str.

Ethnographic Institute and Museum

Sofia 1000, 1 Kniaz Alexandar I Sq.

Ministry of Interior Museum

Sofia 1000, 30 Lavele Str.

Boyana Church National Museum

Sofia 1616, 3 Boyansko Ezero Str.

National Polytechnic Museum

Sofia 1303, 66 Opalchenska Str.

National Museum of Sport

Sofia 1000, 38 Evlogi Georgiev Str.

Pancho Vladigerov Museum House

Sofia 1164, 10 Yakubitsa Str.

Dimitar Dimov Museum House

Sofia, 26 Krastio Sarafov Str.

Hristo Smirnenski Museum House

Sofia, 116 Ovche Pole Str.

Ivan Vazov Museum House

Sofia, 10 Ivan Vazov Str.

Museum of Contemporary Art

Sofia, 2 Cherni vryh Blvd.

Museum of Mineralogy, Petrology and Mineral Resources

Sofia 1504, 15 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd., Rectorate, South Wing, Floor 5

Museum of Paleontology and Historical Geology

Sofia 1504, 15 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd., Rectorate, North Wing, Floor 5

Museum of Socialist Art

Sofia, 7 Lachezar Stanchev Str.

Museum of Sofia University

Sofia, 15 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd., Rectorate, North wing, 5th floor

National Agricultural Museum

Sofia, 30 Suhodolska Str.

National Anthropological Museum

Sofia, 73 Tsarigradsko Shose

National Church Historical and Archaeological Museum

Sofia, 19 Sveta Nedelia Sq.

National Museum of Literature

Sofia, 138 Rakovski Blvd.

In 2007, the Culture Department fulfilled their idea for an exhibition of artistic photographs outdoors, by placing exhibition fixtures in the City Garden and creating a kind of `outdoor gallery`. The idea of outdoor exhibitions provoked great interest both in the audience and among the organizers of cultural events. Today, the open-air galleries of Sofia Municipality are already at three locations: the Lovers Bridge at the National Palace of Culture, the City Garden and Crystal Garden. The establishment of these outdoor exhibition spaces allows residents and guests of Sofia to get familiar with interesting projects. There are held: thematic exhibitions, historical and archaeological; exhibitions displaying the culture and lifestyle of different countries; social campaigns.


City Garden (in front of the Ivan Vazov National Theatre)




Lovers Bridge at the National Palace of Culture




Crystal Garden (between "Tsar Osvoboditel" Blvd., "G. S. Rakovski" Str. and "6-ti Septemvri" Str.)