The Budget of Sofia is now uploaded to the Open Data Portal

The budget of Sofia for 2018 is already uploaded to the government's Open Data Portal  https://opendata.government.bg/ 
This year, information on revenues, expenditures and capital program of Sofia is in a convenient viewing and downloading format. All Sofia Municipality budgets from 2012 onwards can be found on the portal and can be used for reports and analyses. 
According to the requirements of the Access to Public Information Act (APIA), public sector organizations are obliged to publish public information that they collect, create and maintain in an open machine-readable format allowing for re-use.




Events in Sofia

“Fragments of Europe”

Landscapes from the Dechko Uzunov Art Gallery ...

In the Mirror, Dimly

Drawings on thermal rescue blankets, video art and the first mixed reality installation in Bulgaria are merged into one in Theodore Ushev’s most recent visual design project ...

Sofia Film Award Panorama

The Red House Centre for Culture and Debate, 15 Ljuben Karavelov Str. ...

SIC TRANSIT MEDIA MUNDI exhibition by Lachezar Boyadjiev

The Present is Too Short and Rather Tight, Sofia City Art Gallery ...