Обратно The Biennial: NORDIC ART, SOFIA PAPER ART FEST 2022 (SPAF)




The autumn panel of the SOFIA PAPER ART FEST started with an exotic exhibition from Japan and the new exposition will take us to Northern Europe. The presentation of artists from this region has its background.  In 2013, during the Paper Art Biennial, a selection of installations and objects from the Nordic countries had been shown for the first time. In recent years, the interest in contemporary art from Northern Europe and Scandinavia has grown. With this exhibition, Amateras Foundation launches the long-term project UNITED IN ART focused on exchange initiatives with Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Finland, and Sweden.

The exhibition was opened by Н.Е Kristina Kuvaja, Ambassador of Finland, Mrs Birgit Sara Kondrup-Palmqvist, Deputy Head of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark in Sofia and officials of embassies and consulates from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

Participating artists are:

Ida Guldhammer, Ingve Ribel, Henriette Tougaard, Kate Skjerning – Denmark; Anna-Maija Bergman, Liisa Malkamo, Laina Koskela, Niina Keltamäki, Tuulikki Päällysaho – Finland; Ragnhildur Stefansdottir, Hrafn Hrólfsson – Iceland; Vibeke Damgaard, Eva Sjøwall,  Ellen Ringstag, Hanne Frey Husø, Kirsti Grotmol, Peter Easdale – Norway;  Margarette Mannerwik, Gerda Ritzmann  – Sweden.


Organiser: Amateras Foundation; Co-organisers: Finesse Gallery.

With the kind support of: Ministry of Culture, NCF – “Restoration and development of private cultural organizations“ and “One-Year Grant” Programs, 2021, Calendar of the Cultural Events of Sofia Municipality for 2022, Embassy of Denmark, Embassy of Finland and Company Brothers Minkoff.