Starts recovery of 530 decares of West Park

The project gets BGN 8.5 million from the Operational Program "Regions in Growth" 2014-2020 and its total value is about BGN 10 million ...

The planting of new trees continues in the parks of Sofia

Fandakova: "For five years, more than 300 000 people have visited the Vrana park-museum" ...

Sofia Municipality is the first municipality in Bulgaria with a Smart Specialization Strategy

Fandakova: “Information technologies are among the fastest growing industries in Sofia” ...

The Bronze House symbolizes the good cultural partnership between Bulgaria and Austria, Sofia and Vienna

The project is implemented on a proposal from Austria, via the Austrian Embassy, on the two countries’ presidency of the Council of the EU in 2018 ...


Solo Exhibition in Sofia City Art Gallery

An exhibition of the artist Ivan Moudov, guest participants Marleen Andreev, Nicole Prutsch, Marie Civikov and Jakob Schieche.

12 January 2018 - 04 February 2018

Ivan Moudov’s works are often provocations not only to the notion of art, but also to the concept of exhibition space, copyrights, institutions, boundaries of the work of art, etc. They comprise conceptual irregularities, which in turn indicate both the cracks and the capacity of the system of art, of what is allowed and forbidden, of its limits. The long-standing project for a gallery 0gms originated from a shared idea together with the artists Kamen Stoyanov and Steven Guermeur. The gallery, however, assumed another form and transformed, in itself, into a work of art through Ivan Moudov’s work. For a long time, 0gms was located in a drawer, which dwelled the spaces of various institutions, such as the kitchen of the Institute of Contemporary Art in Sofia. Although it existed in the form of a “parasite” and went into a seemingly narrow space, the gallery managed to start its own programme and exhibit new authors on a regular basis. The 0gms Cabinet is its sequel, consisting of four different drawers housing solo exhibitions of various authors. It is, however, a work of art itself, a peculiar author’s object which has a life of its own in the gallery spaces as a gallery exhibiting other authors. According to the words of art critic Desislava Dimova, it aims at creating a mutual-benefit system for the artists inside it within the world of art.

Following exhibitions in Amsterdam, Milan, Vienna, Ljubljana and Plovdiv, 0gms will be presented within Ivan Moudov’s Solo Exhibition in Sofia City Art Gallery, in which you can see and learn more about the works of Marleen Andreev, Nicole Prutsch, Marie Chivikov and Jakob Schieche.