Mayor of a District in Bosnia and Herzegovina Interested in the Experience of Sofia

Mr. Milic is visiting Sofia and is interested in Sofia's projects for transport modernization and disclosure of the cultural and historical heritage ...

The development of integrated urban transport in Sofia will be financed with over BGN 125 million

The project includes rehabilitation of tramways, supply of new trams and upgrade of the intelligent traffic management system and the existing real-time passenger information system ...

Launch of the Free Compost Campaign

On February 12, for the fourth consecutive year, the Municipality of Sofia will launch its campaign to provide up to 10kg of free compost to all citizens who have paid a ‘household waste’ tax ...

The President of Malta visited Sofia Municipality

Deputy Mayor of Sofia, Assoc. Prof. Todor Chobanov received the President of the Republic of Malta, Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, in the building of Sofia Municipality ...


Live in the metro: Sofia brass orchestra, “Sofia” jazz formation, Dixie Boys Band, Simphonietta Sofia

On 28th January, Sofia metro turns 20 years old. In celebration of this, passengers in the fastest city transport will be able to enjoy different music performances by Simphonietta Sofia, Dixie Boys Band, Sofia brass orchestra, Sofia jazz formation and others.

Today, 24 January, the first in the series of days dedicated to the anniversary, the musicians from Dixie Boys Band joined the cultural programme. The live performance was seen by hundreds of Sofia citizens who went to Serdika metro station.

Tomorrow, 25 January, surprises continue with the concert performance of the famous Simphonietta Sofia and Sirius theatre.


25 January 2018, Thursday

11.30 a.m. Concert, Simphonietta Sofia, Serdika II metro station (mid-level)

1 p.m. SIRIUS THEATRE presents “Naroden tants momi i momtsi” [Folk dance, lads and lasses], Serdika II metro station (mid-level)

25 January 2018, Thursday

5.30 p.m., Serdika II metro station (mid-level) DIXIE BOYS BAND CONCERT

26 January 2018, Friday,

11.30 a.m., Sofia Airport metro station SOFIA BRASS ORCHESTRA CONCERT

4.30 p.m., Serdika II metro station (mid-level) SOFIA JAZZ FORMATION CONCERT

27 January 2018, Saturday, 7 p.m., Serdika II metro station (mid-level)


On 28 January 2018, Sofia metro celebrates 20 years since the commissioning of the first section between the “Slivnitsa” and “Konstantin Velichkov” stations. On this day in 1998, the first metro train of the Sofia underground railway started on its route along 6.4 km and 5 metro stations. The construction of the first 5 stations started in 1979, when the first dig for Vardar station was made.

20 years after the historical first journey of a metro train along the newly built section of 6.4 km from Lyulin residential area to Konstantin Velichkov Blvd., the Sofia metro network now extends for 40 km.

Photos – Concert of Dixie Boys Band

Photographer: Geo Kalev