The international cycling tour of Bulgaria starts from Sofia

The resumption of one of the oldest cycling competitions in Europe, which was held for the first time in 1924, today gathered over 120 riders from different countries. ...

Fandakova: We open a unit for treatment of patients with COVID-19 in the municipal First City Hospital (Parva Gradska Bolnitsa)

Two more units are to be opened for COVID-19 infected patients – at Fourth City Hospital with 5 beds and Fifth City Hospital – with 10 beds plus 2 intensive care units. ...

How to protect yourself from coronavirus (COVID-19)

DEAR FELLOW CITIZENS, We are facing a great challenge that we can handle together – with responsibility and discipline. This also means the cost of temporary restrictions and change in our daily routines ...

Over 35% increase in online payments of local taxes and fees in Sofia

The citizens of Sofia are increasingly using the options for online payment of local taxes and fees, as well as the electronic services of Sofia Municipality ...


Dechko Uzunov Art Gallery Presents Program “Memory”

Dechko Uzunov Art Gallery

Program “Memory”

Masha Zhivkova-Uzunova (1903–1986)
wife, model and artist

November 20  2019 – February 02 2020, 24 Dragan Tsankov Blvd., Sofia

Opening: November 20, 6:00 pm

Curator: Adelina Fileva, Ramona Dimova

In 2019, 120 years have passed since the birth of Dechko Uzunov. In this case we represent one of the important personalities in the life of the artist - Masha Zhivkova-Uzunova: wife, model and artist. The exhibition shows her works created between 1920 and 1943, works by Dechko Uzunov related to her image, as well as documentary photographs that preserved the memory of their life together.