The first edition of the “Serdica is my Rome” festival came alive in the restored ancient street in the centre of Sofia

The first edition of the “Serdica is my Rome” festival took place on the Largo and Knyaginya Maria Luisa Blvd, where cultural-historical sights from antiquity have been restored.

This is the first of its kind festival of historical reconstructions, dedicated to the popularization of the rich cultural-historical heritage of Sofia from the times of Emperor Constantine the Great.

Yordanka Fandakova, Mayor of Sofia Municipality, greeted the participants recreating the life and customs of the ancient people.

Groups from Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Austria and Estonia are taking part in the festival. They are recreating the early history of Serdica – the everyday life, customs and habits of the Romans and the barbarian tribes who inhabited these lands.

The festival grounds are the restored ancient sites in the heart of the city. The archaeological park “The West Gate of Serdica” comes to life as a military camp, while Roman citizens, artisans, tradesmen and magistrates once again stroll along the streets of the ancient cultural-communication complex “Serdica”.

The festival is organized by reconstruction society “Mos Maiorum Ulpiae Sedicae”. The project is funded by Programme “Culture” of Sofia Municipality.


Photos by Geo Kralev


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