Fandakova: Almost 98% of all companies in Sofia are small and medium enterprises and account for 70% of the city's production

According to Mayor Fandakova their success is due to creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, successful examples are contagious. ...

Sofia Municipality held a number of events under a project funded under the Territorial Cooperation Programs

Within the project framework, on May 30, 2019, the last sixth event of the local community took place in 1st Secondary School “Pencho Slaveykov” ...

Sofia supports CoR’s initiative “Cities and Regions for Integration”

The briefing attracted more than 70 participants and it was highly appreciated. "Thanks for the interesting conference", "Very good, interesting and efficient project" ...

Fandakova: Sofia Municipality has supported about 100 projects in the field of literature, publishing, periodicals and promotion of reading

Sofia is a reading city and this is evidenced by the statistics of books purchased or checked out of libraries ...


Work in progress by Paola Madrid

As promised, the second out of three presentations of Paola Madrid`s work in progress is here!

Paola is a Mexican dancer, choreographer and teacher who lives in Brussels. She is the artistic director of SORTA dance company.

During her residency she would be conducting a research in regard to her new project - "AFTER". She examines the idea of glory (splendor) as a methaphor of social imaginary.

Together with her artistic team and co-creators of the piece: Lisa Bless, Julia Farber, Rafa Ragat, Jenna Hendry, Emeric Rabot and Alfonso López, they will be experimenting with building micro universes where they will be confronted with collisions, changes and moments of enlightenment. The performers/dancers will give birth to their characters and from there, they will develop a specific physicality, which will be the starting point for creating choreographic phrases and interactions within the AFTER project.

AFTER aims to explore expired glories and the captivating beauty in those spaces (perhaps within ourselves and even entire communities) almost marginalized - almost forgotten.

Derida Dance Center Residency program is one of the most fundamental and successful programs that the dance organization has been developing since 2010. Its purpose is to support choreographers from Bulgaria and abroad in creating their dance performances, using Derida Dance Center`s resources.

The project is pаrt of the Calendar of cultural events of Sofia Municipality for 2019.