Fandakova: We open a unit for treatment of patients with COVID-19 in the municipal First City Hospital /Parva Gradska Bolnitsa/

Two more units are to be opened for COVID-19 infected patients - at Fourth City Hospital with 5 beds and Fifth City Hospital - with 10 beds plus 2 intensive care units. ...

How to protect yourself from coronavirus (COVID-19)

DEAR FELLOW CITIZENS, We are facing a great challenge that we can handle together - with responsibility and discipline. This also means the cost of temporary restrictions and change in our daily routines ...

Over 35% increase in online payments of local taxes and fees in Sofia

The citizens of Sofia are increasingly using the options for online payment of local taxes and fees, as well as the electronic services of Sofia Municipality ...

Sofia is ranked third in the European Cities of the Future 2020/21 category of strategy for the attraction of foreign direct investment

Sofia is officially ranked on third place in the European Cities of the Future 2020/21 category of strategy for the attraction of foreign direct investments together with London and Dublin! Sofia gains four more places in the fDi Intelligence ranking European Cities and Regions of the Future 2020/2021 ...


Longing for Italy – Photo Exhibition

The Italian Cultural Institute in Sofia, in association with the BulFoto Agency, is organising this season’s first open-air exhibition in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia. Entitled Longing for Italy, the photo exhibition is being set up in the Crystal Garden, a popular socialising spot with citizens of the capital, and can be viewed from 12 until 22 May.

“This exhibition was inspired by the first days of social distancing in Bulgaria. As Italy was reeling from the initial blows of the epidemic, I noticed attitudes towards Italians walking around Sofia starting to change. Many passers-by regarded them with suspicion and animosity. So I decided to try and remind people of the positive sentiments we have always shared as nations, of the time when every photo of Italy posted on social media used to instantly garner likes, smiley faces and heart emojis,” says Evgeni Dimitrov, manager of BulFoto Agency and author of the 26 photos in the show and their captions.


The exhibition is organized with the kind assistance of Sofia Municipality.