Twenty electric buses meeting the highest EURO 6 emission standards are running in Sofia

The modernization of urban transport is part of the measures to improve air quality. So far, we have replaced 60% of buses, and next year the percentage of new buses on city lines will be 90% ...

Sofia signed a Declaration on Cooperation for Digital Transformation and Smart Growth at a Meeting of the Cities within the Digital Cities Challenge Programme

Sofia is among the first seven cities approved to participate in the project implementation and to receive support in developing its own strategy for digitization and networking out of another 40 European cities ...

Fandakova met with winners of the hackathon Global Tech Summit (Java2Days)

The Mayor acquainted herself with the awarded projects, which who are in the field of artificial intelligence, security, healthy nutrition (Suupa), business communications ( ...

Ten filters clean flue gases from solid fuel stoves in the Krasna Polyana District

Measurements show that the filters reduce pollution by between 75 and 80%. They operated on the principle of electrostatics and have a very low power consumption of 30 watts. ...


24th Annual Charity Bazaar

24th Annual Charity Bazaar

IWC’s 24th Annual Charity Bazaar  to Inter Expo Center on 2nd December 2018!
9 am - 7 pm

Sofia Municipality will take part in the 24th Charity Bazaar of International Women's Club - Sofia.

Although the Bazaar presents us with a day of fun and entertainment, it also serves as the principal source of funding for the IWC’s selected charity projects.
For over 20 years the bazaar has provided opportunities for different countries represented in the Bulgarian community through embassies, consulates or clubs to showcase their handmade crafts, music, souvenirs, folklore, national cuisine, traditional clothing, literature and many more!

It is one of the most anticipated events of the year, which draws in attendees and guests from all around the world.

International Women's Club - Sofia:
The IWC’s – Sofia is a non-profit organisation, which welcomes and assists newcomers to Bulgaria, furthers knowledge of Bulgaria, fosters good will and friendship among club members and gives financial and material support to the local community.

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