The Boyana Church and its adjacent territory, as a monument of culture, is the third architectural and historical reserve in Sofia. The church is the only monument of culture of Sofia Municipality, which in 1979 was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The Boyana church has an extremely high cultural and historical value in terms of its mural decoration in the interior.

The church dates back to the XI –XII century and throughout the centuries was built in three stages, being extended and expanded in XIV, XVI, and XIX century. Its high significance is due to the preserved and restored unique frescoes of XI, XII, XIII, XV, XIX c. It is believed that the earliest frescoes in the church precede the dating and artistic qualities of the early Italian Renaissance.

Currently, the Boyana Church is a subsidiary of the National History Museum, and after the restoration of 2007, opened its doors to Sofia residents and guests of the capital. It is an architectural and artistic monument of world significance.