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Some Major Projects

Integrated System of Municipal Waste Treatment Facilities for Sofia Municipality

The project concerns the establishment of a modern, compliant and integrated municipal waste management system for the city of Sofia in Bulgaria. Sofia is the capital city of Bulgaria located in the western part of the country with population of 1.284 million people. The current waste generation stands at 485,000 t/y, results in a unit generation rate of just less than 400 kg/cap/y (equivalent to 1.1 kg/cap/day).

The project will be implemented at two locations (Han Bogrov and Sadinata) and consists of the following main elements:

  • Separately collected bio-waste composting at the Han Bogrov site with capacity of 20,000 t/y and 4,000 t sawdust and other structuring materials.
  • Separately collected garden waste composting at the Han Bogrov site with capacity of 20,000 t/y
  • Treatment of residual waste in a Mechanical-Biological Treatment (MBT) facility with input capacity of 410,000 t/a in the Sadinata site.
  • Recovery and recycling of recyclable materials achieved through sorting at the MBT facility. This complements the separate collection of recyclable materials carried out by recycling organizations under producer responsibility.
  • Non-hazardous waste landfill for disposal of the stabilized bio-waste and residues from the MBT and residues from composting and material recovery facilities in Sofia with total capacity of 2,825,000 m3 and a footprint of approximately 14ha
  • It is foreseen to roll out the total landfill capacity in four cells, with only the first and second cells (having a capacity of 390,000 m3 and 515,000m3 respectively – 32% of the total capacity) included in the current project put forward for EU funding.
  • Auxiliary infrastructure for both sites


Integrated Water Project for Sofia City

In 2005, with the assistance of Sofia City Municipality, an Application Form for the Integrated Water Project of Sofia was prepared by a Consultant appointed by the Ministry of the Environment and Waters (MEW). Following the approval of the Application Form of the Project, a Financial Memorandum for the Integrated Water Project for Sofia City was signed between the European Commission and the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria on 11.06.2006.


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