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Sofia Municipality

Sofia Municipality is an administrative and territorial unit. It's management is a mixture of the self-government of the citizens and the operation of the state policy for the development of the capital.

The territory of the municipality also includes the areas of 4 towns - Sofia, Bankya, Novi Iskar, Buhovo, and 34 villages, their construction activities and development being coordinated with the construction plans of the capital which were legally recognised in 1961.

Today the population of Sofia is 1 million and 309 thousand people. The capital includes 24 administrative and territorial districts and 34 mayor-led councils.

Sofia municipality is a legal entity. It has the right to own real estate property and movables. The municipality can conduct economic activities and establish enterprises. It can also participate in joint ventures, provided that it's liability does not surpass it's share. The municipality can invest estates and unused funds, except for the subsidies granted by the state budget.

The municipality makes its own budget on the basis of its income and state subsidies.

For one year now the management of Sofia region has been conducted by a regional manager only. He is in charge of the state regional policy - he has the right to block any of the council’s or mayors activities which are not in accordance with the law. The mayor, however, has the right to appeal to court.

Priority Tasks of Sofia Municipal Council

The priorities were formulated in the pre-electoral programme of the UDF. They are as follows:

  • order, security, the fight against corruption and beaurocracy;
  • providing conditions for the construction of housing at reasonable prices;
  • cleanliness and reconstruction of the transport network;
  • solution to the water problem in the capital;
  • education, health care and social care.

These priorities have been launched into operation and certain results have already been achieved. The problems, however, are too many to be handled within such a short period of time, the most difficult being security of the citizens and cleanliness of the capital. Adequate remuneration and more legal capacities are enabling the police to fight crime and corruption in a more successful way. The most dangerous zones of Sofia are being filed and the concentration of police forces will be more considerable there. The problem with public lighting is in operation. Reconstruction of the roads has already started. As regards education, the ambition of the Municipal Council is to provide better facilities and equipment for the students, which at the moment is in a poor condition. A lot can be done for the sports facilities for both children and adults.

A so-called “hot-line” has already been put into operation, which citizens can use to report the misfunctioning of public lighting, leakages and scattered litter.

The restructuring of municipal firms and auction sales are forthcoming. Each firm will be in charge of one part of the city, and those enterprises and companies which pollute the capital will be given hard financial sanctions. There is a joint project with the German concern RVE for the establishment of an organisation in cleanliness.

As far as transport is concerned, the hottest issue is the launching of the first underground line.

Choosing places for the construction of car parks is another forthcoming task. This will return pavements to pedestrians, where the pavements are constantly constantly crammed with cars.

Obtaining a licence for a Municipal Bank is also forthcoming, its main goals being short-term creating of useful crediting of useful initiatives concerning Sofia.

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